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2010-01 Newsletter

Date : 2009-12-16

Viera East Community Association (VECA)

BOD Officers
The BOD members for the 2009/2010 term are:

Linda Perry; President
Jay Warren; Vice President
Russell Banks; Secretary
Troy Hamilton; Treasurer
Mac macArthur; Director

2009 Year in Review
1. The web site is up and running.
2. We removed the old Viera Co. signs at the main entrances. These signs were in need of repair. We felt it was more cost effective to remove them completely then repair them.
3. We had new signs made to notify residents of meetings.
4. We had a formal reserve analysis performed on our facilities. This will better enable the BOD to accurately predict reserve spending and maintenance.
5. We updated our insurance contract to better reflect the replacement cost of major infra structure within our community.
6. We approved a new contract extension with Tropic Care and locked in our rate for two years.
7. We are continuing to review our legal commitment to the TMA. We are trying get more services for the approximately $4000 we pay each year.
8. We contracted an Engineering firm to have a professional quality map made. This map identifies VECA properties, CDD property and County property. It is available in a .pdf format. Contact Fairway Management at 777-7575 if you would like a copy or download it via the web site.

Annual Budget 2010
The budget meeting this year was a somber reminder of the economic problems we all face. The Board of Directors regrets that due to a large amount of uncollected assessments, the 2010 assessments have been raised back to $115.00 from $ 110.00. Through a thorough vetting of the budget, we were fortunate not have to raise it more.

Plans for 2010
Keep an eye on the Viera Blvd median west of Murrell road. The BOD has approved a landscape project from the bull nose all the way to the overpass that will begin in the spring.

Volunteers In Motion
As a charter member of the Viera Transportation Management Association, the VECA BOD would like you to know about some of the transportation programs available to the VECA Community. One of these is the Volunteers in Motion program. Volunteers in Motion is a service coordinated by Space Coast Area Transit, the Senior Resource Alliance and the Community Care for the Elderly program. The program began in 1996 in an effort to provide reliable transportation to Brevard County's elderly citizens who are unable to use Space Coast Area Transit's Fixed Route system because of health reasons. If you are in need of a ride, visit the client information web page to volunteer or for eligibility requirements, please contact Lori Hamilton at (321) 635-7999. Volunteers in Motion is located at 401 S. Varr Avenue, Cocoa, FL, 32922.

Help Populate the VECA Web Site Photo Gallery
Have you seen the photos of our community on the VECA website yet? If you have, then I’m sure you know how few there are! If you have pictures of your District or any of the common areas, please upload them via the VECA website to help populate the photo gallery. This is our chance to show off our community to friends and family and future residents. If you are having any trouble uploading your photos, please contact Eric Byrd at Fairway Management, 777-7575 for assistance.

Advertise on the VECA Web Site
Do you have a local business? Would you like some low priced advertising? Put a 1” x 1” ad on one of the VECA web site pages. Ads are only $50 for 6 months on the home page and $25 for 6 months on the other pages. Visit our web site to view an example. To advertise or ask questions concerning the website, please contact Eric Byrd at Fairway Management, 777-7575.

VECA Committees
The BOD is seeking volunteers to serve on the VECA Modifications Review Committee and Due Process Committee. Please contact Fairway Management at 777-7575 or by email: if you are interested.

Neighborhood Communications
We include a newsletter in the annual assessment mailing, using this opportunity to give you some information about our community. We have meetings approximately every two months. Watch for the signs, check the WEB site or contact Fairway Management for meeting dates. All are welcome.

Our next BOD meeting will be January 18, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. This will be a BOD meeting with the primary focus on conducting the Association’s business. We generally try to hold meetings on the third Monday of every other month. We had to move our meeting location to the Viera Regional Park Community Center (west of I95). We could not find a location within Viera East that could accommodate us. If anyone has any suggestions, please contact Fairway Management or email the Board through the WEB site.

VECA To Do List
Review/update contracts Establish guidelines for WEB site hosting Charter a Modification Review Committee

The BOD works for you and we need your input. If there is a specific issue or project you would like us to pursue please contact Fairway Management at 777-7575 or by email: with your request. You are always welcome to attend the meetings to bring ideas/information to our attention.

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