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2009-09 Newsletter

Date : 2009-10-27

Year in review 1. The web site is up and running. 2. We removed the old Viera Co. signs at the main entrances. These signs were in need of repair. We felt it was more cost effective to remove them completely then repair them. 3. We had new signs made to notify residents of meetings. 4. We had a formal reserve analysis performed on our facilities. This will better enable the BOD to accurately predict reserve spending and maintenance. 5. We updated our insurance contract to better reflect the replacement cost of major infra structure within our community. 6. We approved a new contract extension with Tropic Care and locked in our rate for two years. 7. We are continuing to review our legal commitment to the TMA. We are trying get more services for the approximately $4000 we pay each year. 8. We contracted an Engineering firm to have a professional quality map made. This map identifies VECA properties, CDD property and County property. It is available in a .pdf format. Contact Fairway Management if you would like a copy. It is accessible via the web site. BOD Officers Three Director Positions are open for election this year. Please Contact Fairway Management if you are interested. We desperately need volunteers. Neighborhood Communications There are three opportunities each year, where we can mail a newsletter to our property owners: Annual Assessment Bill, Annual Meeting Notice, and Budget Approval Meeting. We try to have meetings on the third Monday approximately every two months. Watch for the signs, check it out on our new web site ( or contact Fairway Management for meeting dates. All are welcome. Our next BOD meeting will be in October. This will be a budget meeting where we approve next yearís budget. The BOD is working hard to keep the assessment unchanged. VECA WEB Site Up and Running The web address is A whole new look and a whole new feel. Be sure to visit the site to get the most information available in one place on Viera East. One main feature is community classified ads. Having a garage sale? Want to find a home for those puppies or kittens? Place an ad on the VECA website today. The web site also features low rate ($50/25 for 6 months) advertisements. The goal is to generate enough funds to pay for the web maintenance fees and make the web site self sufficient. If you own a business, consider spending some of your advertising budget with us! Please contact Eric Byrd at Fairway Management, 777-7575 if you would like to place an ad, have any input or have a suggestion for improvement. Help Populate the VECA WEB Site Photo Gallery Have you seen the photos of our community on the VECA website yet? If you have, then Iím sure you know how few there are! If you have pictures of your District or any of the common areas, please upload them via the VECA website to help populate the photo gallery. This is our chance to show off our community to friends and family and future residents. If you are having any trouble uploading your photos, please contact Eric Byrd at Fairway Management, 777-7575 for assistance. VECA to-do-list and Projects under Consideration Review/update contracts Charter a Modification Review Committee Dog Park at Suseda Park Landscape up to the Viera East flyover Feedback The BOD feels that we work for you. We need your input. If there is a specific issue or project you would like us to pursue please contact Fairway Management at 777-7575 or by email: with you request.