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2008-10 Newsletter

Date : 2008-10-01

Viera East Community Association (VECA)

BOD Officers
A new BOD has been seated with two new directors.  The BOD members for the 2008/2009 term are:
Tim Bianchi; President
Linda Perry; Vice President
Russell Banks; Secretary
Don Kramer; Treasurer
Troy Hamilton; Director

Neighborhood Communications
There are three opportunities each year where we can mail a newsletter to our property owners: Annual
Assessment Bill, Annual Meeting Notice, and Budget Approval Meeting.   We have meetings approximately every two months.  Watch for the signs or contact Fairway Management (777-7575) for meeting dates.  All are welcome.

Our next BOD meeting will be 3 November 2008 @ 6:00 pm.  This will be a budget meeting where we approve next year’s budget.  The BOD is working hard to keep the assessment unchanged. The meeting will be held at One Senior Place (8085 Spyglass Hill Road, just off Murrell Road) and, like all VECA Board meetings, is open to all Viera East home and business owners.

VECA WEB Site Coming Soon
The VECA BOD is excited to notify you that the new VECA website is nearing completion.  As a VECA wide communications tool, it will be a great place on the web for finding information on Viera East and member communities.  It will be a fun, interactive stop for residents and visitors alike.  Our web address is  Bookmark it now and check back soon for a totally new look!!

VECA to-do-list
Finish WEB site
Review/update contracts
Entertain WEB site and newsletter advertising
Establish guidelines for WEB site hosting
Update entrance signs
Design new meeting signs that are more visible
Charter a Modification Review Committee
Space Coast Area Transit Service Bus Stops
RFP for new Viera East Ground Maintenance Contract

VECA Busing
We need your input.  We pay approximately $4500 yearly to the county Transportation Management Association (TMA) for Space Coast Area Transit System (SCATS) Buses.  The BOD would like to get “more bang for our dollar”.  Currently we have no bus stops in the Viera East community.  The BOD is considering requesting one or more bus stops in our community.  Does the community want county busing in Viera East?   Please contact Fairway Management  at 777-7575 or by email:

The Board wants open communication with its residents and business community. Since the BOD works for you, we need your input.  If there is a specific issue, suggestion or idea for our community we would like to hear from you – please contact Fairway Management at 777-7575 or by email:

The Viera Company Proposes Improvements for Wickham Road
As the approval process for its West Viera Plan continues, the Viera Company appeared before the Brevard County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, August 19, to seek approval of a request that will include improvements on Wickham Road.  An estimated $9 million would be invested by the company to widen Wickham Road to six lanes from Lake Andrew Drive to Murrell Road.

“The widening of Wickham Road is needed now,” said Steve Johnson, President and Chief Operating Officer of The Viera Company.   “This improvement will not only give relief to traffic on this busy corridor, but will also create jobs and give a boost to the county’s economy.”  Johnson said the construction is also necessary to coincide with the current widening of I-95, expected to reach the Wickham Road overpass later this year.

The Viera Company has proposed the road widening as part of a Notice of Proposed Change (NOPC) for the company’s current, approved development phase in Central Viera.  The NOPC is a request to make changes to the current Development Order for Viera which are “non-substantial” under applicable regulations.  This action does not replace the approval process currently underway for the new West Viera Plan.

The request includes adjustments to retail square footage and residential units in Central Viera, which includes the area for the proposed Town Center.  The adjustments neither change the build out program of the approved Viera Development of Regional Impact (DRI) nor increase traffic impacts beyond what has been approved for this phase of the development.

The VECA Board is looking for volunteers
If you have some time and would like to serve your community, we need you. The BOD is currently looking for volunteers to serve on the following committees:  Viera East Awareness Committee (VEAC); VECA Due Process Committee (3-5 members); and VECA Modifications Review Committee.  Please contact Tom Dillon at Fair/Way Management if you are interested.


"The whole world is one neighborhood."
-Frenklin D. Roosevelt