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2007-09 Newsletter

Date : 2007-09-26

September 26, 2007


Dear Viera East Community Association Member,

As you may have heard, the Viera East Community Association (VECA) has been turned over from the Viera Company to the VECA members.  The Turnover took place on August 29, 2007 at which time a new five member board was elected.  Your new Board of Directors are:  President, Randall Godfrey of Wingate Estates; Vice-President, Timothy Bianchi of Auburn Lakes; Secretary, Russell Banks of Viera East Villages; Treasurer, Don Kramer of One Senior Place; and Director, Argelio Chappotin of Bayhill.

On September 25th, the new VECA Board held a Board of Directors meeting and Budget Workshop.  The final Budget approval will take place on October 15, 2007.  During the Budget Workshop, the Board voted not to raise the 2008 assessment.  It will remain at the $115 that it was for 2007.

Please look for future updates, community events, meeting dates, etc. on the VECA website (currently still under construction).  The website address is: .  For all VECA questions, concerns, inquiries, etc., please contact Fair/Way Management at 321-777-7575 or email or through the VECA website.

The VECA Board is looking for volunteers that would like to serve on the following committees:   Political Action Committee (PAC); VECA Due Process Committee (3-5 members); and VECA Modifications Review Committee.  Please contact Tom Dillon at Fair/Way Management if you are interested.  

Anyone with input for improvements within the Viera East Community Association, please contact Tom Dillon.   The new Board is looking forward to hearing ideas from the community. 




Randy Godfrey

President, Viera East Community Association, Inc.